We design extraordinary spaces

When you’re in an amazing performance space, you can feel it. Theatre Projects knows how to create performance spaces that come alive. 

We speak the languages of construction, design, and the arts. From visioning through design and construction, we provide advice on planning and design decisions that affect the art, the architecture, how the performance technology functions, and how artists and audience will use each space. 

Working closely with clients, users, architects, and builders, we apply our experience of what makes a dynamic performance space—intimacy, density, flexibility, and simplicity—to create extraordinary spaces.

Tiny Necessary Theater

On October 14, Northern Stage—a celebrated LORT (League of Resident Theatres) company in White River Junction, VT—performed a one-woman play It’s Fine, I’m Fine on an indoor stage in front of a live audience for the first time since they were forced to close their theatre in March.  

Getting permission to perform the country’s first indoor professional theatre production in front of a live audience during a pandemic wasn’t easy. Here's how they did it.

Building confidence

Since March, many organizations have been discovering the true potential of digital streaming to their audiences. Offering online experiences while venues have been shuttered has been a necessary way to stay connected with communities and engage with audiences in new and exciting ways. But what role do online platforms play when venues begin to reopen? As social distancing restrictions are lifted further, will there still be a need to offer digital accessibility?

We recommend including digital subscription packages as part of your reopening strategy. Here's how they can help to build confidence with audiences who prefer not to return to in-person performances immediately.

Working to make venues more sustainable

As we enter September, we're expecting a much quieter than usual start to the season. Now is the time to look at designing change for the better within your organizations by focusing on adjustments to your strategic vision and goals, operational structure, and revenue and expense models. By taking this moment to think and plan how we can make our venues more accessible, inclusive, and sustainable, we'll also be better able to serve our communities in the long term.

We've put together a recommendations guide on what events, entertainment, and other public gathering spaces can do to help ensure survival in today's challenging climate—and how those changes can help support the successes of your future.

Online broadcasting explained: why it's a great idea, and how you can do it

Thinking about integrating broadcast capabilities into your venue, but don't know where to start? It's not as complicated (or as expensive!) as you might think. It helps promote diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility, and you can get started with technology you probably already own. We created a video to explain the basics.

Shanghai Symphony takes a first step towards ‘normality’

May 8 was a momentous day for the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. For the first time since China went into lockdown at the end of January, they presented a concert—and it was a resounding success. We spoke to Dr. Isaiah Weng, head of the digital and IT department at Shanghai Symphony Hall, to find out more about the concert, how they prepared for reopening night, and what they learned from the experience.

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