We design extraordinary spaces

When you’re in an amazing performance space, you can feel it. Theatre Projects knows how to create performance spaces that come alive. 

We speak the languages of construction, design, and the arts. From visioning through design and construction, we provide advice on planning and design decisions that affect the art, the architecture, how the performance technology functions, and how artists and audience will use each space. 

Working closely with clients, users, architects, and builders, we apply our experience of what makes a dynamic performance space—intimacy, density, flexibility, and simplicity—to create extraordinary spaces.

Theatre Projects transforms museums across Europe and beyond

You'd expect--and you'd be right--that you can find the results of our work in some of the world’s most celebrated opera houses, concert halls, and drama theatres. What you might not expect is you can also find our handiwork in a growing number of new and renovated museums around the globe.

Looking for work? We're hiring an Acoustician and a Lighting Designer in our London office, and a Design Drafter in our Connecticut office!

We’re an exciting company and always looking for new team members with theatre, architecture, or engineering backgrounds. Are you dedicated, hard-working, and fun? Let's see if we're a good fit.

Congratulations to the Dallas Theater Center on winning the 2017 Regional Tony Award!

The Dallas Theater Center has won the 2017 Regional Theatre Tony Award, thanks in part to their new home—the flexible and breathtaking Wyly Theatre.

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