Everything Changes: New Leadership at TPC Press Release

June 8, 2006

Theatre Projects Consultants has announced that leadership and ownership of the firm has been transferred to a new generation of leaders.

"For the past few years, we have been planning this ownership transition of the UK and US companies to the younger members of our team, and we feel that now is the right time for that change," said Richard Pilbrow, Founder and Chairman.

The transition allows key members of staff to take on both leadership and ownership of Theatre Projects Consultants and provides for ownership to extend to other members of the firm in the future.

The UK team will be led by David Staples, Alan Russell, Jerry Godden, Mark Stroomer, and Marion Daehms.

The US team will be led by John Coyne, Benton Delinger, Gene Leitermann, and Michael Nishball.

"We are inheriting nearly five decades' worth of experience in theatre design. This transfer allows us to build on that wealth of knowledge while exploring new ideas, technologies, and markets to maintain Theatre Projects' leading position in the marketplace," comments Delinger.

Staples adds, "The new business structure is designed to promote increased collaboration between the company's offices. The reorganization will be seamless and will enhance our quality of service."

These organizational changes reflect Theatre Projects' desire to build on the company's past successes and to move confidently into the future with a responsive, talented, and enthusiastic team. To that end, both the US and UK offices have recently appointed highly qualified consultants with strong theatrical backgrounds in stage machinery, lighting, and theatre design, bolstering Theatre Projects' expertise in modern live entertainment venue design and planning.

Pilbrow will continue his involvement as Founder and Chairman Emeritus, and Brian Hall will continue to support the company in his role as Principal Theatre Designer. In the UK, several senior colleagues are retiring from the company, including Iain Mackintosh, Lou Fleming, and Anthony Field.

Pilbrow observes: "Theatre Projects enjoys a reputation built upon our philosophy for designing exciting and effective theatres and the experience, energy, and loyalty of our staff. It is a pleasure to hand over Theatre Projects to a team with a vision that respects the value of past experience, yet is rich with new ideas and enthusiasm for the future."

Everything Changes: New Leadership at TPC Press Release
Credit: Dan Howell & Peter Schiazza