Ridgefield - The Playhouse!

December 16, 2000

Ridgefield is a beautiful New England town, just one hour from Manhatten. Last Tuesday the New Playhouse opened after seven years of community effort.

Responsibility for this extraordinary achievement lies with one of the town's most dynamic personalities, Selectwoman Barbara Manners. In 1994 she commissioned TPC to study the viability of renovating the empty high school auditorium into a Performing Arts and Film Theatre.

And this is no ordinary 'auditorium'. Designed by architect Cass Gilbert, Jr., son of one of 20th century America's greatest architects, it's a fine room of handsome proportion seating 500 people. Built during the Depression it was a center of town life until it was abandoned in 1972.

The town's leadership were originally less than enthusiastic about the proposal, but true community enthusiasm led by Barbara eventually won the day. TPC is proud to have been able to play a part. From working around the world to working in our own backyard is an exciting step.

TPC staffers involved were led by Benton Delinger, (who got himself promoted to the Head of the Building Committee). In his support for the opening performance, an exciting concert by Jose Feliciano, were Michael Ferguson and Robert Young (lighting) and our own computer guru, John Runia, who turned his hand to rigging, electrics and working a follow spot.

Ridgefield - The Playhouse!
Credit: Lora Karam Photography