Announcing our new associates

September 15, 2008

Theatre Projects Consultants (TPC) is pleased to announce the promotions of John Runia to Senior Associate, and Martin Bailey, Scott Crossfield, Oliver Leigers, and Kristen Mathias, and Robert Young to Associates. These promotions acknowledge the contributions made by these individuals and reflect their importance to the future success of Theatre Projects.

John Runia, Senior Associate

John has a wide range of experience in theatre design, contributing to hundreds of projects in his career. From small studio theatres to large performing arts centers, John brings his desire for efficient, quality design to the entire building process. His expertise ranges from facility planning and design to computer analysis and modeling. He is also actively involved with contract documents.

He is a member of the American Society of Theatre Consultants, United States Institute of Theatre Technology, International Code Council, International Building Code, associate of the American Institute of Architects and American Acoustical Society. John is also LEED Accredited Professional.

Martin Bailey, Associate

A project manager with over 20 years of experience in the theatre industry, Martin is well-placed to advise on a range of projects. Martin's role is key to the successful collaboration with our clients and other design team members and the coordination of work between project team members for Theatre Projects.

Having previously worked with medium- and large-scale national and international touring theatres, Martin has a strong, practical background with a range of theatres and arenas. He's consulted for an event, regeneration, and public arts company, giving advice for new build and redevelopment projects.

Scott Crossfield, Associate

Scott is an experienced designer, having consulted on over 200 performing arts projects in the United States and abroad. As a senior theatre designer, his work includes theatre concept design, planning and programming, site assessment, and participation in feasibility studies.

Prior to joining us, Scott was a partner at Davis Crossfield Associates, Theater Consulting Services of New York City (DCA). He is a member of the American Society of Theatre Consultants and the United States Institute of Theater Technology.

Oliver Leigers, Associate

Oliver specializes in the stage engineering of performing arts centers across the world. He uses digital visualization including 3D modeling and animation to be able to demonstrate the movements of the grid machinery systems, winches, and driving systems.

He has gained experience at several opera houses and theatre productions and festivals, as well as through work for equipment manufacturers. He has been involved in the engineering and technical management for various theatre productions and project management for the installation of new theatre engineering equipment.

Kristen Mathias, Associate

Kristen directs our marketing and sales team in the US office. She has been instrumental in defining our global brand and tone of voice and works closely with our other offices to maintain a consistent image. She's also a member of our strategic planning team conducting project feasibility and operations studies.

She is a member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services.

Robert Young, Associate

Robert is responsible for the design and specification of stage lighting systems. His work includes the design and layout of lighting positions, design and distribution of dimming and control systems, and equipment selection and specification. He also works with defining power requirements for performance equipment, developing cable management systems, and the design and layout of concert lighting. Since joining the firm in 1999, he has worked on more than a hundred projects.

Robert has worked in the theatre and entertainment industries for over 20 years. He is a lighting designer who has designed for a wide variety of productions including theatre, dance, opera, live music concerts, performance art, and special events.

Announcing our new associates
Credit: Christine Simmons Portraiture & Peter Schiazza