Richard Pilbrow's latest book: A Theatre Project

June 3, 2011

Richard Pilbrow's memoir A Theatre Project is available now. Subtitled A Backstage Adventure: Triumph, Disaster, and Renewal that Changed Stage Lighting and the Shape of Theatre, the book is the story of both his life and of Theatre Projects, a company he founded over 50 years ago. "It is the tale of a dream . . . one that came true with audacious success, turned into a nightmare, but emerged again to endure and enjoy success around the world," explains Richard in the book's introduction.

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"This is the remarkable story of how an upstart enterprise, Theatre Projects, shook up the world of theatre. Establishing the professions of stage lighting, sound design, and theatre consulting in Britain, Theatre Projects went on to revolutionize theatre design in the United States and internationally.
- PLASA Media

"The author of the book happens to be one of my favorite folks of all time. I can barely imagine any time more enjoyably spent than in reading what follows in the book . . . He is the MASTER . . . and, thank heaven, wonderfully silly with it. My life has benefitted immeasurably from his being embroiled in it, as my closest friend and colleague."
- Tony Walton

"A Theatre Project is also a window into one of the secrets of Richard Pilbrow's success and that is collaboration. No theatrical endeavor, whether it is a performance, a theatre, or performing arts center can be realized without collaboration . . . It is a true honor to call him a collegue and I must admit that his generosity and perseverance inspire. No one embodies the best of this crazy world of the theatre more than Richard Pilbrow."
- Joseph Volpe

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Richard Pilbrow's latest book: <i>A Theatre Project</i>
Credit: PLASA Media, NYC & London