Seabury Hall wins USITT Honor Award

March 3, 2014

The United States Institute of Theatre Technology has named Seabury Hall, `A`ali`ikūhonua Creative Arts Center, as the recipient of the group’s Honor Award—their highest architectural award.

The 10,000-square-foot center opened in 2013 at the private college preparatory school in Makawao on the island of Maui and features a 500-seat theatre for dance, drama, musical productions, school assemblies, and classroom space.

Designed by Flansburgh Architects in collaboration with Theatre Projects, the $7 million performing arts center was built to accommodate the school’s rigorous education program. The facility began as a prefabricated building and was adapted to account for the flexibility needed to accommodate the school’s various arts programs.

With telescopic seating risers and adjustable seating platforms, the room can be arranged in numerous configuration to meet the needs of the school’s various arts programs.

Of the facility, which previously won the 2013 World Architectural News Performing Spaces Award, Benton Delinger said, "The arts center’s flexibility, attention to detail, and beauty are arrived at by blending a clear understanding of the program with an inspired design," he said. "That’s what great theatre is about."

With 39 awards, Theatre Projects has received more USITT awards than any other theatre consultant. 

USITT's Architecture Awards are chosen based on creativity, contextual resonance, functional operation, use of new technology, and community contribution.

The award will be presented at the annual USITT Conference in Fort Worth, Texas between March 26-29.

Seabury Hall wins USITT Honor Award
Credit: Matthew Millman Photography