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Maddie is passionate about designing audiovisual control systems that are intuitive to use. She uses her experience as a designer, technician, and manager to give her insight into how to create systems that meet the needs of designers and technicians while also creating an enjoyable and natural experience for the audience.

Maddie joined us from Forward Thinking Designs, an audiovisual consulting firm focused on themed entertainment. During her time there, Maddie helped design AV systems for major theme parks and cruise lines around the world. Maddie also worked at Walt Disney World (Orlando) as a Hollywood Studios Audio Repair Technician and at the Alliance Theatre (Atlanta) as assistant stage manager for the "Theatre for the Very Young" program and audio crew for mainstage productions.

Maddie received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Technology and Design - Sound Design from the University of North Georgia. She's certified by Alcorn McBride as a live show audio controller, and by QSC as a DSP programmer for the Q-sys platform. She's also the chair for the Denver chapter of AVIXA Women's Council, which supports women in the audiovisual and integrated experience industry, as well as in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Growing up, Maddie competed internationally with her karate team and earned three black belts in Choi Kwang Do. Now she spends her free time hiking with her gorgeous dog, Saddie.

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Maddie Daily

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