David Staples


Defining a project vision, exploring artistic programming opportunities, raising investment, and drafting design competition documents are all crucial steps to getting a new project off the ground. These are just some areas of David’s expertise.

David’s strategic planning hasn’t just benefitted our clients, he’s also been instrumental in developing Theatre Projects’ international standing and portfolio. He ran our first international office in the 1970s and has managed some of our earliest and most significant projects around the world. His knowledge and experience have also been beneficial to the international theatre and arts management communities where he’s served on several arts boards. He’s been the chair of the Society of Theatre Consultants, a board member of the International Society of Performing Arts (ISPA), chair of the editorial board for the 2014 International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference, and an active speaker and regular participant at several international conferences. His contribution to arts management was recognized in 2007 when he was awarded the ISPA Patrick Hayes Award.

David holds a degree in management and business administration and also attended an administrative training program organized by the Arts Council of Great Britain, which gave him practical experience of working in several professional theatres in the UK.

David Staples

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