UCLA Glorya Kaufman Hall

Los Angeles, California, USA

An extensive renovation provided new flexible performance and rehearsal spaces, multi-media laboratories, offices, and classrooms for UCLA.  The Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater was redesigned into a three-dimensional, multiform performance and teaching space. The Amber Dance Studio now features telescopic seating risers that can be cleared quickly to create a flat floor rehearsal space. In addition to the renovated spaces, a new outdoor dance pavilion has an enclosed pavilion space for intimate performances. For larger events, the front glass wall of the space opens up to a grass courtyard, allowing the pavilion to serve as the stage and the grass courtyard acts as an open-air audience area. With these versatile facilities, UCLA has cemented its reputation as one of the premier educational dance institutions in the country.

UCLA Glorya Kaufman Hall
Credit: Tim Griffith
Credit: Tim Griffith
Credit: Tim Griffith



Moore Ruble Yudell


Arup Acoustics


UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures, other university users

Seat count

89, 274

Construction type


Theatre type

Educational, Dance theatre, Outdoor venue


Programming, concept design, theatre planning, and theatre equipment design and specification



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Credit: Tim Griffith
Credit: Tim Griffith