Unicorn Theatre

London, UK

The Unicorn Theatre is a purpose-designed theatre for children. Founded in 1947 by Caryl Jenner, the company toured the UK for several years until taking up residence at the Arts Theatre near London’s Leicester Square. Having vacated these premises in 1999, the company now presents work to children from 4-12 years of age in London, nationally, and internationally. The Unicorn is an award-winning inspirational flagship center in the UK, aiming to move theatre for children into a contemporary frame. Its ambition is to provide the highest quality professional theatre for children in a stimulating environment, complementing this by an enterprising educational program. The center includes the 340-seat Weston Theatre, the 120-seat Clore Theatre, rehearsal rooms, and an education center.

Unicorn Theatre
Credit: Hélène Binet, courtesy of Unicorn Theatre

Unicorn Children's Centre Ltd., and Caryl Jenner Productions (Unicorn Theatre for Children)


Keith Williams Architects


Arup Acoustics


National and regional groups

Seat count

120, 340

Construction type

New construction

Theatre type

Drama theatre, Children's theatre


Design brief, concept design, theatre planning, and theatre equipment design and specification



Venue website


Unicorn Theatre
Credit: Hélène Binet

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