Teatro Solis

Montevideo, Uruguay

The inaugural performance of this historic theatre was on August 25, 1856. After a small fire in 1998, the authorities closed the theatre in order to study the viability of its restoration. Theatre Projects was asked to examine the existing condition of the theatre, stagehouse, backstage spaces, theatrical systems, lobby, and public spaces and to investigate the current use of the theatre and the limitations of the existing building. We prepared a masterplan for the renovation of the 1,300-seat theatre which was accomplished by a local team of professionals and technicians in time for the re-inauguration of the theatre on August 25, 2004. With a thorough and historically sensitive restoration, the beautiful theatre—a Uruguayan treasure returned to it’s central cultural role, hosting varied groups like Comedia Nacional, Orquesta filarmónica de Montevideo, Centro Cultural de Música, Pro Opera, and Amigos del Ballet.

Teatro Solis
Credit: CIDDAE - Teatro Solís

Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo


Di Polito, Magnone, Singer Vanini Arquitectos


Comedia Nacional, Orquestra filarmonica De Montevideo, Centro Cultural De Musica, Pro Opera, Amigos Del Ballet

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Opera house


Theatre assessment study



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