Richmond CenterStage, Altria Theater

Richmond, Virginia, USA

The centerpiece of Richmond CenterStage, the Carpenter Theatre originally opened as a Lowe’s Theatre in 1928. The grand movie palace was restored and re-built including new stagehouse, seating, and modern theatre equipment, among many other improvements. The multipurpose theatre can now accommodate Broadway-scale touring groups as well as symphony, dance, and amplified music. Additionally, an adjacent building—a former department store—was gutted and adapted to include three venues: a 200-seat flexible theatre, a jazz/cabaret space, and a reception area and gallery for the visual arts. Additional spaces in the adjoining building—now known as Dorothy Pauley Square—include an arts education center, artists’ studios, and administrative offices.

Richmond CenterStage, Altria Theater
Credit: Anton Grassi/Esto
Credit: Anton Grassi/Esto
Credit: Anton Grassi/Esto

SMG, Richmond CenterStage


Wilson Butler Architects | Marcellus Wright Sr., Charles M. Robinson, Charles Custer Robinson (1927 architects)


Jaffe Holden


Touring performances

Seat count


Construction type


Theatre type

Commercial, Multipurpose theatre


Programming, Concept design, theatre planning, performance equipment design and specification



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Credit: Anton Grassi/Esto
Credit: Anton Grassi/Esto

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