Prescott Park Arts Festival

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

Collaborating with the client and design team, we reimagined this popular pavilion to create a more flexible, versatile, and audience-friendly attraction. We repositioned the stage to improve the acoustic quality of the live music, dramatic works, and films that the public park regularly hosts. The addition of a canopy over the stage will allow for fewer weather cancellations and help sound containment. New backstage support spaces were also designed and positioned specifically for sound containment and include dressing and green rooms. With infrastructure improvements and new lighting and theatre equipment, the park is better equipped to stage a wider variety of programming. The park, which originally opened in 1985, holds between 60 and 80 events each year and welcomes an estimated 150,000 visitors annually.

Prescott Park Arts Festival
Credit: JSA Inc.

Prescott Park Arts Festival


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