Chase Center, Small Theatre

San Francisco, California , USA

Theatre Projects is working to provide flexibility within the new home of the Golden State Warriors—an 18,000-seat arena—to allow a portion of the arena to be sectioned off and converted into an elegant venue for live music, award shows, and theatrical performances. Although most arena concert venues utilize the narrow end of the space, we rotated the configuration of the venue—known as the Small Theater—to the long side of the arena. This provides better sightlines and more fixed seats, boxes, and suites (as opposed to standing on a flat floor). The conversion from cavernous arena to intimate live event venue begins with the efficient deployment of high-finish side walls that contain banners, LED displays, and architectural lighting. The arena’s scoreboard retracts and a motorized overhead gantry system slides into place below it for safe rigging of performance and AV equipment. After a portable stage and full proscenium are suspended in place, the seamless transformation is complete, and the bay area’s only venue in the 2,000-5,000-seat range is ready to rock! 

Chase Center, Small Theatre
Credit: Courtesy of Chase Center
Credit: Courtesy of Chase Center
Credit: Courtesy of Chase Center

Golden State Warriors


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Credit: Courtesy of Chase Center