Teletón Cultural Center Building

Santiago, Chile

When the Teletón Foundation decided to build a new conference center they wanted it to be flexible enough to host several event types—sometimes simultaneously—yet robust enough to be used every day for the Foundation’s meetings as well as rental events. So, we designed a multipurpose hall with telescopic seating capable of hosting 1,000 conference delegates. But for more intimate gatherings, such as meetings, exhibitions, and training sessions, the room can be divided into smaller spaces accommodating between 200 and 600 people. It’s also been designed to be inclusive for those living with disabilities—offering a welcoming and fully-accessible environment for everyone, whether they’re a spectator, artist, exhibitor, or visiting professional.

The hall was also specifically designed to host Chile’s annual Teletón, a 24-hour televised charity event, broadcast throughout the country to raise funds to help children with developmental disabilities. This telethon is an event of national unity, bringing people together for the benefit of others—a fitting event for a building designed to promote a culture of solidarity, a place for all Chileans. The project is currently in construction and is expected to be completed in 2022.

Teleton Cultural Center Building
Credit: Alemparte Barreda y Asociados Arquitectos

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