Pegasus Theatre

Oxford, UK

A well-established theatre company for youth arts, Pegasus Theatre focuses on both development and performance. With a combination of renovation and new construction, we helped to create a new arts complex for the theatre group to better balance their artistic aspirations. The new facility includes a refurbished 130-seat auditorium with retractable bleacher seating, enabling the room to be cleared for events that require a flat floor. The new complex hosts amplified music, workshops, dramatic works, film, dance, and more. A robust collection of support and rehearsal spaces include a dance studio, green room, scene shop, and costume shop as well as a café and public gathering place.

Pegasus Theatre
Credit: David Fisher
Credit: Tim Crocker
Credit: Tim Crocker

Pegasus Theatre Trust


Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios


Arup Acoustics


Pegasus Theatre, local, regional, and national groups

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Dance theatre, Flexible theatre, Community


Theatre planning, concept design, theatre equipment design and specification, and stage engineering



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Credit: David Fisher
Credit: David Fisher
Pegasus Theatre
Credit: David Fisher