Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay


One of the most important performing arts complexes in Asia, this 645,000 square foot center boasts a versatile collection of performance spaces including a world-renowned concert hall, versatile multipurpose theatre, recital hall, studio theatre and two outdoor amphitheatres. The 1,600-seat concert hall features three adjustable acoustic canopies, 1,000 square meters of acoustic banners, and 58 adjustable concrete acoustic doors that connect to reverberation chambers and can be opened or closed to adjust the room’s tone. The horseshoe-shaped, 2,000-seat multipurpose theatre boasts the largest stage in Singapore and is capable of hosting Chinese opera or Indian dance—where musicians and performers share the stage. The theatre’s adjustable proscenium ranges from 45 to 54 feet and the room has a full stagehouse and orchestra pit. The facility also includes a shopping mall and a 250,000 square foot library devoted to music, dance, theatre, and film.

Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay
Credit: Tim Griffith
Credit: Tim Griffith
Credit: Tim Griffith, courtesy of The Esplanade Co. Ltd.

Ministry of Information, Communication & the Arts, Singapore


Michael Wilford and Partners | DP Architects




Touring performances

Seat count

220, 245, 1600, 2000

Construction type

New construction

Theatre type

Arts center, Concert hall, Flexible theatre, Multipurpose theatre, Recital hall


Design brief, programming, concept design, theatre planning, theatre equipment systems, and stage engineering



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Credit: Tim Griffith
Credit: Tim Griffith, courtesy of The Esplanade Co. Ltd.

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