New World Center

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

This 756-seat interactive, concert hall presented us with a unique challenge — to integrate Internet2 technology, 360-degree video projection, and advanced audio systems, allowing world-wide simultaneous connectivity for distance teaching and performances. Inside the new 100,001 square foot complex, we integrated cutting-edge equipment, seating, and lighting design seamlessly with Frank Gehry's signature architecture, all while meeting the complex artistic and technical flexibility desired by the New World Symphony. The concert hall’s stage is composed of 10 mechanized lifts which can operate independently or as a single unit. When the lifts are lowered and the seating sections are retracted, the highly flexible space becomes a flat floor venue, holding up to 1,200 for parties, and banquets.

New World Center
Credit: Richard Patterson
Credit: Claudia Uribe
Credit: Rui Dias-Aidos

New World Symphony


Gehry Partners


Nagata Acoustics


New World Symphony

Seat count


Construction type

New construction

Theatre type

Educational, Concert hall, Interactive media


Programming, concept design, theatre planning, and theatre equipment design and specification



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Credit: Rui Dias-Aidos
Credit: Emilio Collavino
New World Center
Credit: Tomas Loewy

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